Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity to Take Up

With the different forms of volunteering opportunities in Singapore, it is essential that you find the ideal one to partake in. The reason being, giving back is such a core part of your well-being and sense of purpose.

And at sometimes, it isn’t until we’re faced with an open-ended transition period that we’re pushed to reflect on what we’re actually offering to the people and world around us. Bear in mind giving back to the community is also good for your health.

Having said that, today we will take you through some of the most effective ways to find the right volunteer opportunity to take up.


It always pays off to understand your skill set, your professional and personal experience, and also your limitations. After all, they are crucial to deciding the type of volunteer opportunity in Singapore you want to get involved in. Be sure to ask yourself what skills you have to offer and which activities give you energy.

Self-reflecting doesn’t end at that. It is also essential that you factor in your core values. Always ensure your core values align with the type of volunteering you choose to do. If a company’s purpose and mission aren’t matching your own core values that is an easy red flag to spot.

Brainstorm from Your Learnings

It always pays off to jot down a list of all the organizations, types of places and various causes you’re interested in from your learnings before deciding on anything. Merely brain-dumping after a good self-reflection session can sometimes be so illuminating.

Be sure to put into more concrete terms the types of volunteering opportunities in Singapore that sound appealing to your rather than just casting a wide net to see what sticks. This is a remarkable way to be more intentional about choosing how you spend your time giving back, and chances are you’ll find something that feels right and energizes you for a longer period.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with taking baby steps when looking for the best volunteering opportunities in Singapore. Be sure to pay attention to whether or not the experience energizes you to help ensure you decide if you want to fully commit or not.

Remember, to set up a trial period and commit to the short term first to find out if the volunteer opportunity is really something you’re into before deciding on anything.

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