A Quick Look into Wealth Beyond Wall Street

It is common to stumble across radio and other ads for something called Wealth Beyond Wall Street that promises to offer a free book upon calling a toll-free number. What you constantly hear from these ads sounds appealing. After all, there is nothing wrong with using an index strategy in the upside of the stock market with no downside risk. Right!

But have you sat down and thought about what makes the Wealth Beyond Wall Street idea worth your attention. Going back to where it started. Wealth Beyond Wall Street is the brain child of marketer Brett Kitchen, and Ethan Kap, a financial representative. Initially, they used to refer to it as Safe Money Millionaire and the 101 Plan.

Upon scrutiny of the Wealth Beyond Wall Street, you will come to realize that they use the Indexed Universal or IUL product to make this possible. And they’ll try to convince you it’s the best financial vehicle ever invented. But is this really the case?

Well, the fact of the matter is that an Indexed Universal Life policy has the potential to lose value in years when the market goes down or sideways. And it can even lose value in the years when the market goes up by just a little. Keep in mind the companies offering these policies have the freedom to change how much of the market’s increase you will be allowed to share in, at their discretion.

The bottom line is that no other life insurance product comes with numerous guarantees as a dividend-paying whole life. And there are not many known riders or options available that make your cash value grow significantly, while paying the agent 50-70% less commission.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you should take it upon yourself to do a bit of research regarding the Wealth Beyond Wall Street idea to better understand what it entails. That way, you can better determine whether or not it is the ideal solution to help you safeguard your financial future without necessarily having to push yourself to the limit.

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